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Creativity: Effort > Results

A Box? Or a Spaceship? What Makes Kids Creative – WSJ.com

“It is best to avoid paying too much attention to the outcome of kids’ creative efforts, says Dr. Kaufman, the professor. “The more emphasis put on the final product—’It’s so beautiful I’m going to frame it and tell my friends about it,’ ” he says, the greater is “the risk that the kid is going to do pictures for the praise, and not for the enjoyment.” Instead, emphasize effort over results.

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Comparative Geography (mountains + rivers), 1854

Gotta love these old infographics...

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Intellectual Technologies

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The State of Wikipedia

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Online Education

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A Decade of Storage

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An Infographic for Infographics!


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Stolen laptop contains cancer cure data | CNET

"Shin and husband Ralf Jankecht, a professor of cell biology at Oklahoma University, are leading cancer researchers at the school. Sunday, they made a quick stop in Oklahoma City on their way back to the lab, according to the local News 9. That's when someone smashed the window of their car and made off with a 13-inch white MacBook in a dark orange computer bag.

"I'm devastated and I feel so guilty," a tearful Shin told News 9.

The pair is now offering a $1,000 reward for return of the computer, no questions asked. "Thief, it is OK. Everybody makes mistakes," reads a flyer that's been posted in area pawn shops."

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Computer History

Museum looks at 2000-year history of the computer | Macworld

""Many times, people coming to the museum have very basic questions: 'How did that computer on my desk get there? How did that phone I've used for so long get so smart?' " said John Hollar, CEO of the museum. "It's an exhibition that's primarily aimed at a non-technical audience, though there's a ton of great history and information for the technical audience as well.""

Take a look at the Museum site here: http://www.computerhistory.org/visit/


“29 Years of Shuttle Launch Videos” | Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers: Ascent - 29 Years of Shuttle Launch Videos

"Ascent is an incredible video, produced by NASA engineer Matt Melis, documenting 29 years of space shuttle launches. The video is narrated by Melis and another NASA employee, Kevin Burke. Not only is the footage spectacular, but you also learn a lot about the technical aspects of shuttle launches."

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